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Mitra Hoops designs is for natural, passionated woman that like handcraft with with soul.

Shop opens 22 mars

Mitra Hoop from Sweden is an experienced international Hula-Hoop, Fire and Light performer, as well as a procurer, teacher, designer and coach.

She ben wowed audiences from big companies events, tedX-talk, TV shows to opening of etnografiska museum in Stockholm newest expedition “feathers”. Weddings, amazed attendees at private parties such as Villa Titanium for David Guetta in Ibiza and Guy Laliberté (Cirque du Soleil Founder) in Mexico or nightclubs as Heart Ibiza, Pacha Ibiza, captivated crowds at Burning Man (USA), Ondalinda Festival (Costa Careyes / Mexico), Boom (Portugal) and many more. 

Mitras art is her devotion to life, here to inspiring you to follow your passion. It will awake ecstatic sensations within you, it will empower and motivate you to bring yourself to next level.

Mitra’s passion for her art shines true like the sun give life to nature. Together with acrobatics, dance and strong expression, she has created a very unique performance, workshops and clothing brand for all senses to be amazed.

Fire Show

Multi-Hula Hoop show


“Do you need an international top performer in lights and dance?
You should go with Mitra Hoop!
We had Mitra join our stage crew for The Color Run Night in Copenhagen and Stockholm.
She delivered stunning performances in amazing costumes, worked extremely well with our DJ and the crowd instantly felt her good vibes and cheerfulness”

– Rasmus Schack – Event and manager coordinator, The Color Night Run Scandinavia

“Dear Mitra,
Thank you so much for such a mesmerizing performance it completely exceeded our expectations, you have created such a beautiful expression of artistry, the combination of light colors and the acrobats are amazing!
Unbelievable talent!
Thank you so much again.

-Stephanie and Marco Fila – Wedding couples, Ibiza 2016


“Mitra Hoop’s performance have changed my understanding of such a simple thing as hula hoop and showed how complex, deep and mesmerizing it can be!
That was a true art!
Thank you for your energy that you brought us and unforgettable memories!”

– Tetiana Siianko, International School Conference Zürich

3 weeks ago

Mitra Hoop

I have a hard time thinking of anything else than what is happening in the Amazon right now!
Ancient trees, millions of plants, animals and homes to mother nature's guardians, our earth keepers, and indigenous tribes are being burned down in front of our very eyes.
I asking you, hoop lovers and nature lovers to join The Hoop Experience campaign by donating an amount of your choice to Amazon Watch through our JustGiving Page:
If you also have been thinking joining the 4 day Hoop and Healing retreat in Ibiza, this October, we will then match your donation and deduct it from the cost of a ticket. Visit our homepage and blog to learn more: www.thehoopexperience.com/copy-of-hoop-and-healing
I been working with plants and tribes from Amazonas for 10 years.
I have been on a path searching, looking for deeper connection, understanding of how life works, me as a human with a body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Ones we choose to walk the path of love, we are walking a very natural path. Because love is natural, nature is love.
You deeper you go within yourself, you deeper connected you become to nature and you realize that you are nature it self!

Humanity can not live without our forest, plants, without water, without air, without the light of the sun. The elements are circling in the human body, blood, breath, spirit, they are alive in us!
You more we understand and feel this connection we become more inspired, motivated, with no resistance, to create and choose a more natural and healthier lifestyle.
Choosing to take care of your wellbeing and your health, your are then not only taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of nature, you are supporting a more sustainable planet.

With years of traveling around the world, meeting like minded people, working with tribes from amazonas, other cultures, sharing wisdom, knowledge, facts, blogs, listening to both spiritual speakers, scientist, doktotrs, taking courses and events that brings more information, motivating and reminding me again and again of the essence of why we came here to planet, how to fulfill dreams and how to live in happiness, harmony, peace and in love with life.

So the rainforest are burning and I can feel how my inner fire are burning with this.
I remember in a demonstration I participated in in 2013 in Sweden.
A demonstration to bring more awareness about the company: Monsanto.
Monsanto Company was a multinational chemical pharmaceutical company and is now a biotechnology agricultural company and one of the largest producers of genetically modified seeds. The company is the development and marketing of GMO crops and cattle growth hormone.
In 2013 we got informed how they also been growing their business and it’s far away from act of love and natural sustainability.

They have succeeded in convincing, manipulating innocent farmers and Natives around the whole globe to use their chemicals and seeds.
They become dependent on the company, they become slaves in order to make more money.
Many farmer has committed suicide because they lost their land their freedom to the company.
These companies are killing our natural ecosystem since their chemicals kills animals, other plants and insect life.
Their GMO seeds can not produce new natural seeds, farmers depend on buying new seeds from the company and if they don’t have the money to pay the company take their land.
In the demonstration they expressed it as: Third World War!

We are all somehow involved in this because we have consumed and used some point in life, too much of the earth's resources.
I want to invite you to think about your daily routine, what you eat and consume.
If we want to change the world we have to change ourself.

We have to take responsibility and control over our own acts and change our thoughts to healthier thoughts. Change our habits to even better ones. There is always an option, we can always change.
Everyday is a new opportunity, every hour, every second, that becomes a week, month, year and 5 years becomes 10 and like this we can save the future.
Here is some facts of why the rainforest are burning right now and what you can do to help

1. The meat industry
We grow large plantation of soja so we can feed the animals so we can eat them.
The meat industry is one of the most environmentally destructive industries.
Let’s try to consume less meat ore choose organic or wild meat from your area.
We have at least in Europe access to so many different beans, lentils of all kinds of green vegetables where you can get even higher protein intake than in meat. Google, reed and find out.

2. Soja and milk products.
Did you know that the cows naturally stop producing milk after her calf are fully grown?
Why the cows continues producing milk is because we humans separate the cows from her baby just after its born. We put her into the milk industry and her body adjusts to continue to produce milk.
There is so many tasty vegan, plant based alternative for milk, cheese and creme today.
But watch over the soja products!
85% of all soy are cultivated in South America and are genetically modified seeds (GMO) with other words: chemical and one reason why amazons are burning. So the company's have more land to cultivate on.
Unfortunately, soy milk and other vegan soya-alternatives for meat are also GMO.
Better (and more taster) to choose other plant - milk such as oats, almonds, rise and coco. Always try to choose organic and/ore from small local business.
Explore, open the new doors to follow a more vegan diet, your body will feel lighter, more clear and more focused.
If you can't find so many vegan-alternative in the store you can easy make your own plant milk for example. There are many recipes online, of how you can easy make healthy, more sustainable vegan dishes.

3. Palm Oil
Non-organic, half-manufacturers products like canned food, margarine, chocolate, cookies, bread, chips, sweets, peanut butter contains Palm Oil.
Normally the cheaper brands are owned by the big companies that mix soy and palm oil.
Palm oil comes from the oil palm and the rain forest is burning right now so companies can grow more Oil Palm.
Palm oil is also used in washing products for your clothes and dishes, makeup, candles. Please consume less or go completely over to organic.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle
Accumulation of plastic waste on the "Plastic Island" in Pacific is bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined!
You can bring your own bag to the store, boil the toothbrush instead of throwing it and learn more about what can be done in your day-to-day life.
Many big conversational stores sells clothes that contains plastic and are in most cases stepping with great strides over nature and human rights.
You can choose hand-crafts, buy second hand, support artists and indigenous peoples by buying clothes and jewellery from them.
A lot of paper comes from trees chopped down in the Amazon. Use lesser of everything, recycle, use again and again.

6. Gold, minerals, crystals.
Gold, minerals, crystals grow in our earth by nature herself to create energetic harmony and balance on our planet earth.
We are destroying the rainforest, setting fire to it so we can create more mines and dig up more minerals.
We have excavated this to embellish ourselves and today it is also used a lot to develop our technology such as in computers etc.
Consume less electronics, buy second hand.
If you have gold you do not using, crystals, minerals you can give it back to the earth.
You can bury it in the ground and give it back to her. She will thank you!

5. Educate yourself
You can learn more about the crisis from official sources and educate friends and family on all the details. The more people know about how serious the crisis is, the more that can be done.

6. Make your voice heard
You can call, email, or write to your elected officials and encourage them to act the way you would like them to, to raise this issue in their official roles.

7. Donate to charity
That work to help the Amazon rainforest.
We from The Hoop Experience want to play a part in the creation of a sustainable long term future for each of us and the planet.
We are asking our friends, hoop lovers and nature lovers to join the campaign by donating an amount of your choice to Amazon Watch through our JustGiving Page: www.justgiving.com/…/thehoop-experience-savetheAmaz…
If you also have been thinking joining the 4 day Hoop and Hoop and Healing Retreat Ibiza in Ibiza, this October, we will then match your donation and deduct it from the cost of a ticket.
Visit our homepage and blog to learn more: www.thehoopexperience.com/copy-of-hoop-and-healing
Support the rainforest indigenous population
Anything more to add on this list?

Write a comment and let's educate each other and save this planet!
Let’s save our self, next generation and our dear mother earth.
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