MultiHoop- Dance

Inspired by Native American Indians, the new developed Hoop dance and circus art.
With charisma and joy that will lift up all the audience.

“Mitra Hoop’s performance have changed my understanding of such a simple thing as hula hoop and showed how complex, deep and mesmerizing it can be! That was a true art! Thank you for your energy that you brought us and unforgettable memories!”
– Tetiana Siianko, TEDx Talk, Stockholm

“Exuberant joyfull, with an incredible talent, an energy for all of us to be more surprised for each additional hula hoop and moment she offers. So experience-rich and different.”
– Gun-Britt Lawurn

“We invited Mitra to join our Early Childhood Education conference in Zurich after discovering her amazing talent for delivering quality entertainment. She wowed the audience with her elegance and enthusiasm for movement. Mitra provided an inspirational performance and superb workshops. She shines with joy and presents a magnificent show for all to enjoy. We highly recommend Mitra Hoop for your event!”
– Melissa McDonald, ECIS Early Childhood Education Committee Chair


Good to Know:

•Perfect for day events, parties and festivals.
•Uplifting show, cultural, circus or party. We customize customize an arrangement that suits your event.
•A choreograph show is about 8 min
•Ability to select the “Hoop Disco”.  After Mitra’s show the gusts will be invited to try to Hula Hoop.
Mitra brings a lot of colourful Hoops, puts on some funky music and we go hooping all together.
She makes a little demonstration about how to keep up the Hoop, she always make sure that everybody have the right size and wight on the hoop to start with. Then everything is possible!  After a while she surprise the gusts with a game: Who can keep up the Hoop for longest time ?! The winner get a Hoop with them home.

Mitra Hoop



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