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Mitra will help you with a customized approach to inspire you. Be filled with a motivational session to reach your goals in work and life. With the hula hoop as a tool, positive encouraging, coaching and a life story that has changed other people’s perspectives on life. Words from the heart.
“I never thought I could rock” – Daniel Lucid
“Absolutely fantastic wonderful. Tears ran from me”
– Lil Reimarsdotter, Kultur Röda Sten
“Mitra Hoop’s performance have changed my understanding of such a simple thing as hula hoop and showed how complex, deep and mesmerizing it can be! That was a true art! Thank you for your energy that you brought us and unforgettable memories!”
– Tetiana Siianko, International School Conference Zürich

Jelena Mitra has a tough background as a heavy drug abuser and dealer to become Sweden / Europe’s leading Hula Hoop artist and teacher.
On her path she found the Hula Hoop that became her transformative tools and passion. She took it to the next level, she took responsibility. Responding to her ability to inspire people to follow their dreams and goals.
Mitra gladly shares her life experiences with lectures, shows and workshops. Including the public, giving them hope and tools to bring into their lives.

•Show, speeches and workshops
•Show, Speaking



Mitra is certified Hula Hoop instructor with training in both the USA and England.
She has taught around the world on Hula Hoop convents, corporate events, schools and institutions.
Everyone can Hula Hoop! With the right size, weight and constructive teaching she builds an encouraging atmosphere.
From personal exercise that builds self-confidence and self-esteem. To group exercises that strengthen confidence, joy and motivation sessions.

•Show, speeches and workshops
•Show, workshop 


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