LED Light Show

Do you want to inspiring your future? Are you ready for the next level of entertainment?

With Hi-tech, Astral LED hula hoops, 64 different light setting, acrobatics and dance guaranteed We will simply blow your minds.

“One of the coolest live performances I’ve seen! And also one of the most unique ones. Mitra’s charisma is outstanding and one is impressed solemnly by what’s she capable of doing with her body. Add 10 hula hoops to that, and amazing music and lights, and you get even more impressed. Really awesome. I love her performance!”
– Amanda Colldén, Project/event manager at “The Castle”

“During the entire performance the audiens was loudly cheering. Such charisma can be found in very few people as in Mitra Hoop”
– Marie Pust and cleaning. Christmas party

Good To know:

• A dynamic and varied choreographed show is about 8 min.
• Costume music and costumes for your them of the event.
• Perfect for mingling show at clubs and concerts. 20 min x 3 shows during the evening / night. Welcome to choose some of the other acts to this type of set up. Fire, stylist, Multi Hoop Dance.
• UV and black Light


Mitra Hoop



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